Teen Martial Arts at Action Martial Arts & Beyond

Once our FitKid students become old enough, we advance their training with Teen & Adult classes. We help teens build a solid foundation for adulthood by developing essential life skills. They'll discover amazing benefits that they can carry with them for years to come!

Give Your Teen the Tools to become a successful adult

Today’s world keeps getting tougher for teens. Here at FitKids Karate, it is our goal to create a safe and encouraging learning environment, where they can learn self-defense, discipline and confidence without being ridiculed for their mistakes. This sense of identity will boost their confidence, resulting in increased assertiveness when dealing with the high-pressure situations they’re faced with on a daily basis.

It is a great way to get in shape and maintain a sound physical fitness regimen. It also is an excellent way for you to gain the proper self-defense skills that every person should have in today’s society. The benefit of knowing how to ensure your safety in any given situation gives you a sense of control and empowerment over everything you do in your daily life.

Teens need a place to become independent from their parents, while being challenged to work toward their maximum potential. Our classes are an excellent way for teens get involved with peers that share similar goals and standards. By expanding their network with positive influences, they'll be able to maintain accountability and increase their social-skills.

Effective and Fun Exercise!

This training system is effective for teens, no matter what the fitness level or age. It teaches the basic fundamentals of self-defense while providing a strong cardiovascular workout. The high level of personal challenge also aids in relieving stress and tension.

The physical and personal benefits of this system can help teens:

  •  Relieve tension
  •  Increase stamina
  •  Lose weight
  •  Reduce stress
  •  Develop a new enthusiasm for life
  •  Gain confidence
  •  Improve coordination
  •  Get and stay in shape
  •  Spend time with your friends and family when everyone trains together.


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